5 Plants or Herbs That Can Extend Your Life

Basil pesto in a small bowl, with fresh basil leaves
Basil pesto in a small bowl, with fresh basil leaves

Life is like any other brands of food and medicine that has expiration. We can’t live forever and that is a fact we all know. But we can certainly and naturally extend our chances of a longer life. In order to achieve our ideal longevity, one should consider one’s protection of their health. Getting into exercise and nourishing one’s body the best way you can are some factors that may lead you to desired longer life span. However, one of the most significant ways to reach one’s dream is by merging healthy life options with exceptional herbs shown to contribute healthy longevity.


Here below are the top excellent herbs to take that are popular for their essential benefits to one’s health and can amazingly help extend life span:


  1. Ginko Biloba – also known as Maidenhair is one of the most popular herbs recognized by practitioners of traditional medicine. This ancient herb acts to treat circulatory disorders and further improve oxygen utilization for that to enhance memory, concentration, and other brain functions. Some study shows that ginko biloba takes action to manage the rate of speed of blood flow to the brain and may protect nerve cells harmed by Alzheimer’s disease. This herb has also been shown to help treat anyone with diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Raynaud’s disease. Also, ginko takes action to enhance and get clear, sharp long-distance vision. Gingko biloba has also been known to protect hearing, helps to prevent aging, and to relief anyone with headache, sinusitis, tinnitus, and vertigo.
  2. Ginseng – widely recognized plant that acts an important role in herbal health care. Taking ginseng acts to rise energy levels and the body`s ability to adapt and appease a stressful mind state and helps aid the body both in its physical and mental condition. Ginseng got tons of anti-oxidants and its root is often times chewed or steeped as a tea. This herb is highly recommended to relieve the symptoms of aging, cancer, and senility; helps to control blood sugar levels; helpful with weight control; and reduces the pain of menstrual cramps.
  3. Echinacea – a very well-known herb also known as the American coneflower is used to prevent and fight against flu and colds and to prevent the risk for tumor development. It has also been shown that Echinacea’s leaves and root can both be used to help support the immune system. Other health uses of Echinacea act to reduce symptoms of some illnesses, and other conditions that include attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), acid indigestion, bloodstream infections, diphtheria, streptococcus infections, dizziness, genital herpes, tonsillitis, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), gum disease, malaria, migraines, pain, rheumatism, typhoid, syphilis, urinary tract infections (UTI), and vaginal yeast infections.
  4. Rhodiola Rosea– known as a remarkable herb that has variety of health benefits. Greatly used in managing mild up to moderate depression and mental extreme tiredness. This herb has acquired its reputation for increasing energy levels, stamina, mental capacity, and strength. Rhodiola rosea has also been known for its ability that includes decreasing depression, improving hearing, preventing cold and flu, aging, and liver damage, and strengthening the nervous system. It also acts to treat cancer, diabetes, and tuberculosis.
  5. Astragalus – a powerful adaptogenic herb that has also been known as huang chi and huang qi. It is said to strengthen and regulate the immune system and improve heart function. Astragalus is used to prevent cold, upper respiratory infections, allergies, fibromyalgia, anemia, and HIV/AIDS. It is also used to prevent the risk for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), kidney disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Other health benefits astragalus offer includes to protect the liver, and to fight bacteria and other viruses.


Precaution: Please contact your doctor or health care provider for medical supervision. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people under medication are most likely asked not to use any of the herbs mentioned above for there would be side effects likely of allergic reactions, headaches, and sleep problems.
Handle one’s body right and it will favorably treat you right in return. By including health beneficial herbs in your daily lifestyle, it would be so effortless to attain desired long-term health. So why not see for yourself the amazing miraculous result you can get by just using these herbs? There’s nothing to lose instead it is a gain of a long healthy and vibrant life.

Is Family Genetics A Big Factor In Longevity?

Each one of us varies in lifestyle and has different level of life span. Multiple studies have been released regarding those factors that might influence one’s life expectancy.  Here we will study and go into consideration one of the key factors in longevity – genetics.


According to the National Institutes of Health that 20%-30% of the variation of a life span has been determined and influenced by genes. Yet does it all mean that this would lead us of having a genetic gift for longer life expectancy? Probably, since not all of these genes promote longevity. However, taking a glimpse at one’s family tree might help you determine the overview chances towards longer life span.

In some studies, there have been candidate genes believed to contribute in longevity.

  • Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) – a plasma glycoprotein, involved in the transport of cholesterol from high density lipoprotein (HDL) particles to other lipoproteins. This gene’s preventions associated with statins (a drug used to lower cholesterol) greatly provides beneficial aspect in lowering human atherosclerosis. Also, CETP gene helps to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Apolipoprotein E (APOE) – a type of lipoprotein, a molecule composed of proteins connected to a fat which has been responsible for transporting cholesterol and other fats by the bloodstream throughout the body and vital for the normal breakdown of these said molecules. This kind of gene has also been a significant fraction of so called very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) which has been accountable for removing excess cholesterol from the blood and carrying it to the liver for processing. Having this gene highly helps for keeping normal levels of cholesterol which has been essential for the prevention of heart diseases, including strokes and heart attacks.



  • Apolipoprotein B (APOB) – a desirable longevity gene because of its prior connection to hypobetalipoproteinemia, generally believed as “longevity syndrome”. Also, it has been recognized that the protein encoded by APOB functions in lipid transport in sync with the related protein APOE.



  • Forkhead box O3 – also known as FOXO3, a human protein which may influence insulin sensitivity. This gene associates to the forkhead family of transcription factors. Some scientists believed that FOXO transcription factors play a crucial key role in DNA repair, cell death, stress tolerance, cell cycle arrest, energy homeostasis, reactive oxygen species detoxification, and glucose metabolism.


Most likely, living up to one’s genetic life span potential has not yet been totally understood. Further understanding of how certain genes provide protection and guidance intervention venture to prevent the risk of any age-related illnesses has still been gradually being studied. However, to trump any genetic advantage, one must take better life choices. Some studies have thought that having the feat in longevity, combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors interaction must be considered.


  • Say NO to smoking – smoking cigarettes and all forms of tobacco has been proven to be damaging one’s lungs, causing to form lung cancer and respiratory disease. 
  • Say YES to daily exercise – practicing daily exercise helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. This habit certainly leads to extend one’s genetically programmed lifestyle.
  • Embracing a healthy diet – having the sense of healthy diet helps to boost and promote longer life span. Healthy food choices including nuts, tomatoes, berries, beans, and conditionally and organically grown fruits and vegetables are some of the foods that have been highly recommended in one’s diet.
  • Embracing nature – take time to walk and appreciate the beauty of one’s nature. This helps an individual to be stress free.


  • Have a good sleep – getting a good regular sleep patterns helps to boost energy level and keeps the body’s equilibrium and hormonal stability.


Undeniably, genetic factors help us reach our average life span yet advantageous changes to one’s lifestyle choices and health habits greatly make a huge difference. By all means, living vibrantly healthy and longer, whether you have acquired either good or bad genes have been reliably possible to feat in sync with one’s healthy lifestyle preferences.

Why Are The Islands of Okinawa Live The Longest Living Humans?

5. Why Are The Islands of Okinawa Live The Longest Living Humans

The ideal Japanese island of Okinawa has not only been known for its great sightseeing tourist spots but also been recognized as one of the most blessed places in the world where long-lived people are happily and healthily increasing at its best rate. Studying Okinawans’ secret about achieving a longer life has become an exceptional topic from here and now. So, let us explore their hottest concealed practices on reaching longevity here on Earth.


Below are Okinawans’ key findings to a healthy, happily longer life span:



  • Ikigai a Japanese notion that is used to describe one’s reason or purpose to get up each morning and seize the day. It is not about living one’s concern of an exceptional life for the future rather living in today’s motivation to live happier and healthier.




  • Be actively involved in gardening – a study has shown that mostly Okinawan centenarians enjoy growing and cultivating a medical garden that serves as their exercise and favorite pastime objective. This has been considered as a healthy physical activity which acts to reduce stress. This is where they could easily get and consume the medicinal plants/herbs they planted, preventing themselves against prior illnesses.




  • Be engaged on a healthy diet here and now, the Okinawa diet has taken most of the attentions of the people that are likely into health-conscious. People in Okinawa are highly based on a healthy anti-oxidant, vegetarian and seafood rich diet including small amount of fish, Mimiga, sweet potatoes, bitter melon, shiitake mushrooms, jasmine tea, burdock, seaweed, and some herbs and spices like fennel and turmeric. Okinawans also used to intake foods like tufo and miso soup that are made with soy. These foods provide high nutritional values that are naturally low in calories and low in added sugar that act to prevent the risk for cancer, obesity, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and diabetes.
  • Secure social network – the Okinawan people used to keep social support groups called moais. This contributes to one’s emotional support that provides them with the stress-shedding security, knowing that they are not alone and someone will always be there for them.




  • Embrace the sunshine – it do feel so good for Okinawans to take a balanced approach of sunlight exposure on a regular basis that provides Vitamin D that promotes to strengthen bones and helps to prevent the risk for cancer. But there are more benefits you could get by enjoying a moderate quantity of sunlight exposure that include building the immune system, curing depression, increasing oxygen content in human blood, lowering blood pressure, enhancing brain function, improving sleep quality, and killing bad bacteria.




  • Keep being active – Okinawans are realistically active gardeners and walkers that best contribute to their healthy lifestyle. Being active takes action boosting energy, fighting depression, reducing stress, improving sleep quality, preventing the risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, blood cholesterol, osteoporosis, and hypertension.




  • Being positive – It is essential for the Okinawans to maintain a positive view on life. This helps them to reduce stress and effectively handle difficult life events.



These highly motivating ingredients on achieving longer life expectancy have just opened our hopes and chances to finally figure out the key to a happier longer life span. This is a blessing and a reminder that must not be thrown to waste. Yes, we are living in a modern generation where unhealthy processed foods and lifestyle are greatly consumed and followed by most of us. But let us all be smart to adapt with these healthy practices or continue to be a fool and waste the opportunity not just to live but also to enjoy the beauty and wonders of life. The choice is in your precious hands.

Primer On Google Life Extension Project

Google has made its fearless, high spirited attempt–investing millions of dollars supporting California Life Company (Calico), an anti-aging research and development biotech company that focuses on well-being, aiming to extend one’s life expectancy.


Apparently, human beings spent their time and efforts in overpowering one’s aging condition. Possibility in achieving a life span beyond its boundaries might be a bit too much. However, researchers have been investigating for hundreds of years about the nature in fighting aging, defying death, and achieving the essence of youth that would lead in prolonging one’s life.


Google Ventures founded by Mr. Bill Maris in 2009 has supported the exponential growth of the Calico’s life extension project in collaboration with Apple Inc. which has started in 2013.


Not long ago, this valuable investment in Calico has been collaborated with AbbVie, an established research based pharmaceutical company. The said partnership greatly leads and upholds upgraded science and technology that has bound efficiency and dedication in figuring out solutions for serious health-care conditions. Thus, this matter influences the most complex idea in existence— mortality.


Google’s striking venture approach into this domain has been said to most likely serve as a motivation to inspirit other wealthy firms to generously support and invest into this relevant longevity research. Mankind has been encouraged to withdraw their potential ignorance about life extension. Hence, things would be so smooth and manageable to reveal the unknown mystery on how to nullify aging and to improve millions of lives.


Impacting people’s lives by analyzing how to double or triple their life expectancy has greatly been exceptional. The significant funding in firms that creates Google’s life extension project possible is a real deal investment that certainly inspires each and everyone to conquer aging, to cure diseases, and to enhance human life span in order to live beyond limitations.

Studies show the Apolipoprotein E (APOE) and FOXO3A are longevity Genes

Human lifespan variation has been determined to have 20-30 percentage of genetic contribution. Researchers have tried several approaches to determine genetic basis responsible for acquiring a longer life span. Apparently, two of the most thought-provoking longevity research concerns Apolipoprotein E (APOE) and Forkhead box O3 (FOXO3A) genes.


FOXO3A is one of the human protein genes linked to the forkhead family of transcription factors that is responsible of glucose homeostasis (the evenness levels of insulin and glucagon to keep up blood glucose). It has been found that large amount of this gene exhibits in the brain, kidney, spleen, and heart.


Particularly, it has been long thought-out that FOXO3A acts a vital role in the component basis of longevity in relation to its significant intracellular signaling pathways. FOXO3A’s function includes upregulation (the control of gene expression at which point the number, or activity of receptors rises in order to increase its responsiveness to stimuli) of aim genes associated in apoptosis, proteostasis, stress resistance, inflammation, cell cycle arrest , immunity, stem cell upkeep, and energy metabolism. Having an efficient regulation of FOXO3A has been determined to likely hinder aging and prevent the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, heart diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other age-related diseases.


Another genetic inheritance reproducibly associated with notable longevity determined as APOE, a plasma protein connected to a fat which has been involved in myelin integrity and been bound in cholesterol transport and other fats by the bloodstream overall the body. Also, APOE is an essential key for the normal breakdown of these molecular components.


In some recent studies, it has been affirmed that APOE also associates other pathways influencing exceptional longevity that linked to atherosclerosis, inflammation, immunity, nitric oxide production, and DNA damage response and repair.


APOE gene is verified as a good source of essential fraction of so called very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL), responsible for pulling out overabundance cholesterol from the blood and taking it to the liver. Thus, acquiring this genetic factor maintains the balance of cholesterol which essentially hinders the risk of heart diseases, including strokes and heart attacks.


In other words, genetic factors clearly have a fraction that contributed to exceptional longevity and healthy aging in the entire human race. Yet, the identification of the fundamental genes is far complicated than expected and still remains as an answerable challenge. Thus, aside from the health guarantee we would get in genetic basis, one must still consider living a good quality of lifestyle to strengthen and to support the possible possession of natural longevity ahead of us. Remember that a good back-up support will not make any efforts and expectations less effective and satisfying, but will help to increase one’s chances of getting a successful longevity results instead.

Why Are You People Reaching 100 Years In Blue Zones?

It is a puzzle to think of how you will tend to live a fulfilling life to a certain extent that won’t hinder you in reaching one’s potential utmost life span expectancy. But this looks like a piece of cake to achieve by the people living in the blessed places so called as the “Blue Zones” that got the highest longevity rate.


Passionately, the National Geographic author and explorer, Dan Buettner has set off throughout the globe in quest of areas at which point people live past their 100 years of existence. By all means of this search, he has then established an organization called as the Blue Zone Project that reinforces well-being improvement in one’s lifestyle all throughout the community. This founded organization has made it a lot easier for Buettner to study the factors that come out to significantly contribute the people’s bound longevity in the blue zones.


The identified 5 Blue Zones that up until now goes through a meticulous research are as follows:

  1. Okinawa, Japan
  2. Sardinia, Italy
  3. Ikaria, Greece
  4. Nicoya, Costa Rica
  5. Loma Linda, California


Buettner has undertaken an extensive study on this matter leading them to see through observation that people existentially residing in the blue zones most likely share several prevalent well-being lifestyle and principles.


The power nine or simply the nine lessons being adopted and practiced in the blue zones are the following:


  1. Move Naturally. Instead of getting into gym workouts or joining marathons, longest-lived people in the blue zones are actively working with their beautiful home grown gardens (herbal plants are mostly planted) and taking walk as their way for transport, which serves as a natural healthy exercise. Also, going into one’s desired destination by walking is an opportunity to embrace the nature’s beauty.
  2. Lived your Purpose (Ikigai; plan de vida). People residing in the blue zones don’t just sleep and get up the next morning so naturally. Instead, before going to bed they would think of something meaningful to look forward to doing or achieving the next morning. Conclusively, research has proven that being aware of your sense of purpose makes it strongly possible in getting an extension in one’s life span.
  3. Downshifting. Stress is one common feeling we usually encounter during one’s distressing combats. Everyone goes through this even the residence in the blue zones.  But never to tolerate stress since it causes health problems like high blood, chest pain, headache, hypertension and increased cardiovascular risk. It has been highly suggested to always find a way to shed that stress away either by taking a nap, praying, doing things you love, or taking off into a happy hour.
  4. Eat less. No matter how desirous you are to finish your meal and eating everything set on the table, when you reach your limit of 80% full, then know how to control yourself and stop eating. It has been shown that getting a 20% gap before totally getting full helps to lose weight. It has also been suggested to eat more throughout the day, yet eat less early in evening.
  5. Eat more of a plant-based food. The vital element of most centenarian diets has always been the beans. People in the blue zones normally eat meat, particularly pork meat and is eaten moderately five times per month. Aside from beans, centenarians in the blue zones enjoy eating their essential foods including organically grown fruits and vegetables, herbs, and nuts.
  6. Take time to drink Wine. Researchers found out that those moderate and regular drinkers have more chances to live longer than those nondrinkers. Drinking wine moderately helps prevent the risk of any certain cancers and heart diseases, and enhances one’s mental health.
  7. Have a strong faith. Increasing faith-based commitments and attending its services (four times per month) has been shown to influence and contribute to longer life expectancy, wherein one will have 4 to 14 years of life extension.
  8. Put families first. Admirably, people in the blue zones prioritize their families. They would be committing and investing one’s time and love to their lifetime partner and children. They do not send their aging parents and grandparents to what is known as the home for the aged. Instead, they would take good care of them by keeping them nearby or in their home. This makes the elders feel the sense of belonging and loved.
  9. Strong social connection. It is so nice to be surrounded with people that think and act the same way as you do, particularly sharing and supporting one’s values and healthy behaviors. Having strong social connection will improve one’s quality of life and will keep you stress-free.


There has never been an easier way to achieve longevity. Not even shortcuts are provided. In order to live longer beyond limitations, consistency in practicing healthy daily lifestyle is strongly required. Applying this so called power nine into our daily existence will not only enrich one’s body and mind but will also contribute to living healthier, happier, longer life span anyone wishes to feat. So, what are you waiting for? Leave your unhealthy lifestyle and shift to the blue zones’ practices. Who knows, you’ll be the next one to be celebrating and blowing up your hundredth candle on your birthday.

Community And Family Support Extends Your Longevity

Extending one’s life expectancy can be the sweetest result of getting an overwhelming and touching support from one’s family, friends, and community.

We all need a squad or someone to talk, laugh, and share experiences with. Who wanted to be alone though? But have you realized that this strong social network support can essentially help you acquire longevity? Yes, due to the health benefits you could get from it, longer life span is possible to grasp.


Benefits of a social network support from one’s community, family, and friends are as follows:


  • Psychological well-being




  • Secured- Once you get connected and established strong social network support, you could get easy access to any types of assistance you need and not going into crisis. You know that you have these people you can count on and turn to when life is negatively driving you crazy.




  • Sense of acceptance and belonging – being surrounded with like-minded people make you feel at ease and comfortable. The greatness of having no dull moments and fear of rejection help to cope up different stressors and prevent with any distressing condition.




  • Boost of self-worth – the idea of having a strong social interaction with people who considers you important and special strengthens one’s self-esteem. This also provides the sense of purpose to one’s life and might give huge impact to you to take better care of yourself. When confidence is highly activated, no one can easily drag you down to feel worthless and unhappy.




  • Reduces physiological consequences of stress


Studies have shown that the more supportive and positive social ties you have the better.  One is less prone to ill health issues that highly help to prevent risk of high blood, high cholesterol levels, and poor glucose metabolism. Also, this helps to lower and relieve levels of different stress hormones which can adversely influence gut function, coronary arteries, insulin regulation, and one’s immune function.


Generally, people with strong social relationships increase their chances to live longer. The impact of strong social ties with one’s family, friends, and community is beyond any tangible support they could ever provide but as well as their influence to our long-term health.


Having one or two friends aside from your family by now is good. But be more sociable to gain more valuable and supportive diverse social networks. Build a positive and strong social relationship with them that contributes to both mental and physical well-being.
To feel more loved and cared for make us happy and stress free. You can give and receive this abundantly by building connections. It is the easiest and profound access that anyone can naturally redeem. Don’t just sit in the corner waiting for someone’s approach rather extend your hand, smile, and be friendly.

1 Out Of 3 People In Icaria, Greece Are In Their 90s

When we hear about places where life expectancies are exponentially growing, the island of Icaria in Greece would never be left out hitting one of the spot largest fractions of 90-year-olds worldwide.


Reaching 70s-80s years of age is already amazing. Yet, people in Ikaria, Greece live so well, staying physically dynamic that leads on average 10 years longer of existence than other countries, able them to feat nonagenarian level and beyond. This tiny Greek island of Icaria where most of its residents have exceptional longer life spans is considered on the list of the so called blue zones. This is a concept of identified blessed areas in the globe where people enjoy awe-inspiring longevity.


What’s more shall take the Icarians’ thriving longevity secrecy into exposure that most likely can integrate healthful habits to everyone.



  • Herbal pleasures – Traditionally, Icarians’ enjoy soaking herbs in hot water, considering it as their comforting beverage. Herbal teas play a significant role in attaining one’s longevity on Icaria. Most common herbs on Icaria are rosemary, oregano, sage, mint, chamomile, fennel, and sideritis (also known as mountain tea). These herbal teas act as a medicine that able to lower blood pressure, which reduce the risk of dementia and decrease the rate of death associated to cardiovascular disease. Abundantly, most of these herbal teas carry antioxidants.
  • Loves goat’s milk – Icarians has been drinking goat’s milk their whole lives. Goat’s milk is high in potassium levels, good source of protein, calcium, vitamin B, phosphorous, and other valued nutrients that provide some essential health benefits, including immunity and metabolism booster, anti-inflammatory, heart health, and weight loss without jeopardizing their nutritional needs.
  • Be feed on greens – Over 150 kinds of wild greens vegetate in the island of Icaria. The Icarian diet gyrates throughout a booming supply of legumes, beans, conditionally and organically grown fruits and vegetables, and olive oil.
  • Take your time – Icarians don’t get fret about time. Although they keep their selves busy and active, Icarians also consider taking an afternoon naps each and every day. Some studies showed that getting regular afternoon naps highly help to reduce risk of heart disease. People on Icaria don’t expose themselves to any stress which decreases the risk of arthritis.
  • Keep strong social connections – To strengthen social networks as keeping one’s family, friends, and community support intact has favorably molded long-lived people. This has also been proven to reduce the risk of depression and stress.
  • Enjoy walking – Icarians have beautiful high elevated mountainous terrain of their island wherein they would prefer the habit of walking until reaching their desired destination. Walking is their form for transportation and serves as their healthy exercise. This also serves as their chance in embracing the nature’s beauty that gives them relaxation.
  • Strong faith – regularly attending faith-based services of any kind has been associated to improve longer life spans.
  • Bread eater – Most Icarians are sourdough bread eaters. This bread has been claimed to promote a long and healthy life expectancy since it has a lower glycemic index or glycaemic index (GI) and gets certain minerals more achievable for consumption by our bodies that improves glucose metabolism and prevents the risk of some diseases like diabetes.



Every aspect of the Icarians’ day certainly relies on their vibrant healthy lifestyle and diets that convey them to improving longevity results. Significantly, considering and integrating the Icarians’ wisdom would be a blessing in disguise to each and everyone that in return provides pleasure out of withdrawing one’s fear of getting any chronic age-related diseases. So, if you want to be that ONE out of three people having an easing healthy life, then this is one of the best options for making up desired legendary longevity come true.

Is The KLOTHO Gene The Key To Longevity?

Aging is a part of one’s existential life that manifests the influence of the relationship between increasing age and emerging health risk worldwide.  


The aging brain goes through structural and functional degeneration. Yet, recognizing genetic variation linked in healthy human aging has lead to discover a longevity-associated gene called Klotho (KL) gene, generated in the brain and kidney which managed various processes in one’s body. This gene has been identified as an aging-suppressor as well as a cognitive enhancer that gives rise to great understanding of the aging outgrowth.


According to the University of California, San Francisco’s researchers, people who carries Klotho gene boost one’s cognitive abilities that include in improved thinking, planning, learning, problem-solving, remembering, and decision-making.


Klotho gene has been originally determined in mice and later on discovered that some humans also have this alike variant of Klotho gene. It has been believed that people having a single copy of KL gene were linked with a longer life span, improved heart and kidney function, reduced risk of stroke, and intellectual acuity. Thus, thought to perform better overall than the non-carriers or those with two copies that were likely to have shorter life expectancy.


As we age, many different diseases like Alzheimer’s and other related dementias would highly take in control to devour and destroy us. These make us weak and forget things, turning us like a complete object with no sense of life to recall. However, our fear of having age-related cognitive susceptible diseases would greatly be put aside. Beneficially blessed with the variant of Klotho gene keeps our brain young and healthy, sustaining overall function in the nonappearance of disease. Klotho gene has been proven its significance in delaying aging as well as providing us the key to longevity.


Eventually, each one of us would be able to realize and understand the processes and factors to favorably get advanced aging under control and to positively modify the standard age peak and extend the utmost human life expectancy beyond 100.

The CETP Gene Can Extend Your Life

Now a day, people would do anything to achieve one’s yearning in longevity. But having to possess a particular gene variant like cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) could make one’s longer life span come true.


CETP is a hydrophobic plasma glycoprotein cached by the liver which performs its part in cholesterol metabolism, in control to facilitate in the net transport of cholesteryl esters (CE) from high density lipoprotein (HDL) particles to other lipoproteins fraction and vice versa in trade for triglycerides.


Researchers have known for quite so long about people (mostly centenarians) carrying beneficial CETP gene and its variants in the framework of HDL could highly play a significant role in one’s life, acknowledged to influence and enhance longevity.


Multiple studies have supported proof for the concept that CETP motion has been contrariwise associated to sharp up one’s mental function and improve one’s survival as well as to safeguard people against health problem conditions, including cardiovascular diseases and strokes. These are some of the aging related illnesses affecting tons of people around the globe. It has also been determined that reduced venture activity of CETP by pharmaceutical drug medium in the CETP gene would come up to control and increase HDL while it would decrease LDL levels. This would lead to support motive for restriction of CETP activity as a health-beneficial invasion in any abnormality like dyslipidemic conditions distinguished by either low HDL or high LDL cholesterol.


Here and now, people would bind to apply their knowledge and efforts in developing various drugs that assumingly imitate certain gene mutations. This figured mutation has caught people’s expectation that it would increase one’s CETP function to defend oneself against the horrifying diseases of aging. Yet, this has identified to put oneself out of guard getting closer to have atherosclerosis, a particular disease of the arteries.


Nevertheless, CETP gene with high HDL increases the likelihood of healthy aging in one’s existential life. Be blessed with relatively higher HDL offers health beneficial properties as follows:

  • Anti-inflammatory – a treatment used to reduce inflammation, as pain, swelling, and fever
  • Antioxidant – an essential substance that safeguards body cells as well as decreases catastrophic conditions due to oxidation
  • Profibrinolytic – promoting fibrinolysis, a breakdown or digestion of fibrin by an enzyme
  • Anticoagulant – a type of medication that prevents the risk of blood clots
  • Antiaggregatory – preventing undesirable aggregation of platelets.


Thus, these desirable variants in the CEPT gene arise to be vigilantly guarding oneself from the possible risk of aging related illnesses, making it fall into one’s hands the feat of longer life expectancy.